Every time I've turned to Rosalie for answers or guidance it's been a kind and compassionate but fun experience. Sometimes I just need an answer or an experienced person to bounce things off of, not a Google rabbit hole and loads of research on sources. I've been working with Rosalie for about a year now, as needed, and I can recommend her knowledge, delivery and wisdom as an important thing for anyone who is "woo curious" to have in their menu of choices.

I had a metaphysical advising session with Rosalie two weeks ago, and I'm still talking about it. She answered my questions with not only an obvious wealth of knowledge, but with deep empathy and intuition. After our session, I felt clarity in situations that were weighing so heavily on my heart and had the tools to handle some of the spiritual gunk I had accumulated as a result. Book Rosalie! I'm serious.


I've known Rosalie for a long time, and she has always been a very connected and perceptive reader. She's also very sensible and down-to-earth, and really knows her stuff. She has a gift for giving people the information they need in the moment, and delivering it in a way that makes sense. And crucially, she really takes pride in her work and in representing the field well. She won't try to "upsell" you on expensive exorcisms, additional readings, or anything like that. She's really an honest broker who's out to help people tap into their own spiritual truths.


I was skeptical of just being emailed a reading where I didn’t sit with Rosalie. I know next to nothing about this stuff so… anyway, holy shit. I’m shook about how spot on this is.

The details and examples were excellent and the way she writes feels like she's speaking to me, which I really enjoy. Even though it was a document that was sent to me, it still felt very personal. I found it clear, informative, and kind.


My time talking with Rosalie was such an opening for me. As I vulnerably shared my process and visceral experiences, I felt so held and validated. The advice she offered nurtured a sense of clarity that created vast spaciousness for creative ideas to flow through. I came to this session seeking guidance on how to deepen into energy work and grow my spiritual practice, and I left feeling inspired, empowered, and clear. Gratitude abounds!!