tarot readings

I use tarot and oracle cards to tap into the deeper Universal Mysteries. While I can't tell you what your future will be, I can provide information about what the likeliest outcome is if things continue as they are, and what changes to make in order to facilitate the best possible result. My readings tend toward the spiritual rather than the mundane, and  often the cards will answer the questions you need to ask instead of the questions you want to ask. (They’re remarkably perceptive like that!)


Because of this, I have a unique process: rather than sitting down with you in person or online and guiding you through the types of queries that enable me to connect with The Universe, I have set questions that you can choose from. I then do your reading at the time that works best for me - energetically and emotionally - and email you a detailed PDF of the reading, including images of the cards. This is usually done within 1-5 business days*. I love that my clients are able to reread the document over and over and begin to make their own connections by looking at the cards. 

If you have a very specific question you want to ask, you can do so through one of my mini-readings, or we can schedule a metaphysical advising session

Currently, I offer the following:

the "what do i need to know?" reading

The one question I ask the cards more than any other is, "What do I need to know right now?" It's open-ended, and it allows for The Universe to provide me with the information I need, rather than the information I want. And you know what? Finding out what I need to know is pretty fucking useful! 

So what is it that you need to know right now? 


Cost: $100

Includes a detailed PDF of the reading, including images of the cards

12 houses reading

In astrology, there are 12 houses that represent 12 different facets of life. Using tarot or oracle cards, I dig into each house to determine what is happening for you and what you should be focusing on in that area. 

I love doing this at key points of the year, such as the new year or my birthday, but it can be done at any point in time and is particularly helpful when you're feeling lost or stuck in multiple areas of your life.


Cost: $150

Includes a detailed PDF of the reading, including images of the cards and a brief explanation of each of the 12 houses.

birthday reading

Birthdays are magical! Celebrate yourself with a reading on yours where I ask two key  questions: what are the most important takeaways from the past year, and where should you focus your energy on in the coming year to find the most fulfillment. Includes a special birthday surprise!

Cost: $100


Includes a detailed PDF of the reading, including images of the cards, and a birthday surprise

life purpose readings

Everyone has a purpose in every lifetime, and figuring out what yours is can be daunting. This reading asks two questions: What is your purpose in this lifetime,  and what steps can you take right now to begin living that purpose? 

This reading is not intended to offer career advice - not everyone has a purpose that can or should be turned into a job. Rather, it is intended to help you to grow spiritually and emotionally, and to feel each day like you are making a positive difference in your life and in the world.

Cost: $100

Includes a detailed PDF of the reading, including images of the cards

magical day readings

On certain days of the year, I offer special, limited-quantity readings. These include important days throughout the Wheel of the Year (solstices, equinoxes, and the cross-quarter days that fall between), which are the most powerful days of the year to perform divination -  particularly when it's spiritually-oriented. They may also include significant astrological events, moon phases, and major secular holidays. My shop will always have the most up-to-date offerings, and people on my mailing list and instagram will be alerted as soon as new ones become available.

Cost: Varies; please check individual listings in my shop

mini readings

Dip your toe into the world of tarot and oracle cards with a short but sweet tarot reading that's delivered to you via email. Send me your question, and I'll reply within 5 business days with an email that includes pictures of the card(s) and my written interpretation. Each reading will include 1-3 cards, depending on what feels right to me. 

If you have multiple questions, please purchase a reading for each. 

Cost: $20

Includes a detailed PDF of the reading, including images of the cards



*Any time I need to delay, I will email you to let you know, and you have the option to receive a full refund or wait until I am able to do your reading.



Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional therapy or professional legal, medical or financial advice.​

A divination professional cannot predict the future with certainty. You should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition.