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Get an in-depth analysis of an important past life and how it’s affecting your current life situation. Working with the Cosma Visions Oracle designed by James R. Eads, I've created a complex, 22-card reading designed to give you important details about one of your past lives. Since past lives have a way of rearing their heads in our present lifetimes, all major areas of that lifetime will be explored. Most importantly, it will help you to identify any soul-lessons that you need to focus on right now.


This reading will take me several days to complete. Due to its complexity, I need to take time to fully process what comes to me through the cards. I am only able to do one of these readings at a time, and they are done on a first-come, first-served basis. Once I begin your reading, you can expect to receive your PDF within 5 business days. If relevant, I will send you an email letting you know how many people there are in front of you, and another one when I begin your reading. 


Please note that these readings commonly include potentially triggering information. Many lifetimes have profound trauma, and often the reason the lifetime comes up is because you need to deal with unprocessed trauma from that past life. I always try to make note of potentially triggering information at the beginning of the reading, but if you are in a state of crisis or don't have support to help you to process any trauma that the reading may bring up, please do not purchase it at this time. My other readings are more suitable for helping you while you're actively struggling.


I am not able to do this reading in real time via zoom or in person.


What you get:

  • An in-depth PDF of your reading that is typically 20+ pages, including information about past lives, my process, the reading itself, and color images of the cards. It will be provided as a google drive document, unless otherwise requested.

Past Life Tarot Reading

$300.00 Regular Price
$210.00Sale Price
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