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Using her extensive knowledge of crystals, Rosalie will create a custom 10ml spell jar just for you. You can expect your jar to be shipped within one week of your purchase. If that will not be possible, you will receive an email with an estimated time frame. Refunds are available until the spell jar has been made. 


For $30, she will create a spell jar based on information you provide via email. 

For $65, she will meet with you virutally for 20 minutes to discuss your needs, provide metaphysical coaching, and create your spell jar based on your conversation. 


Larger jars available upon request, price TBD.


If you would like specific crystals, Rosalie will do her best to provide them. Not all crystals are readily available in a small enough form, and some crystals are significantly more expensive than others. Rosalie will confirm with you before she purchases any such crystals to confirm that the additional expense is approved. All payments must be made in advance.


Rosalie reserves the right to refuse to create any spell jar, and she will never create any magic intended to coerce, control, or harm another person or animal. If she chooses not to create your spell, you will receive a full refund, minus the cost of any appointment she has already had with you.


If you would like to confirm whether or not she will make a spell jar for you, please email her at with a description of what you're looking for before purchasing.


Tiny or small crystal chips in a 10 ml glass jar with a cork lid. Every spell jar is labeled and comes with a card explaining the magical properties of the crystals. Lovingly packaged by hand, cleansed with palo santo, and intentionally charged.

Magical Apothecary: Custom Spell Jars

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