past life readings

Get an in-depth analysis of an important past life and how it’s affecting your current life situation. Working with the Cosma Visions Oracle designed by James R. Eads, I have created a complex, 22-card reading designed to give you important details about one of your past lives. Since past lives have a way of rearing their heads in our present lifetimes, all major areas of that lifetime will be explored. Most importantly, it will help you to identify any soul-lessons that you need to focus on right now.


Cost: $300



  • A detailed PDF of your reading with images of the cards - this is typically 20+ pages, so it will arrive in a zip file unless otherwise requested

  • A optional 30 minute video or phone call with me after you receive your reading to ask clarifying questions and get additional insight

    • If you are unable to meet with me during my available times, I am happy to discuss any questions you have via email

  • 15% off your next service with me