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About Rosalie

From the time I was young, I had a fascination with all things metaphysical: psychics, ghosts, Ouija Boards, and spirituality. I was the sort of kid who saw commercials for The Psychic Friends Network and desperately wished that my parents would let me call them, while also watching The 700 Club and praying fervently to a God I wasn't sure I believed in so that I wouldn't go to hell. As I got older, I learned about tarot cards, and I simultaneously desperately wanted my own deck while being  terrified of what it might allow into my life. 

Fortunately, my curiosity and excitement overcame my qualms, and I got the Universal Waite deck (which is what most people think of when they think of tarot). I quickly learned that the cards don't fuck around, and no matter how many times you re-read with the hopes of getting a "better" answer, you're likely to get the same response as you did the first time. And not only that: they were right every time.​

By the time I was in college – and despite shades of The 700 Club running through my mind – I realized that I didn't just believe in one deity, I believed in many. I mean, if there's a God, then there has to be a Goddess, right? And what about non-binary and a-gender Gods? The fantasy novels I read taught me that there was a whole world beyond the dominant monotheistic paradigm I had learned, and courses I took in college showed me that there were mythologies and religions that still believe in many gods. Ultimately, however, it was Phyllis Curott's Book of Shadows that brought Paganism and Witchcraft to my awareness. With every page I read, I realized that the conclusions I had drawn about the Universe were the same (or nearly) as those that she talked about in her memoir.


As soon as I experienced my first Pagan ritual on Beltane (May 1, 2000), I was hooked. It was the most profound and spiritual experience of my life to that point, and I knew that I would spend my life in service to the Goddess who claimed me as Her own that morning.

My spiritual journey has had plenty of ups and downs since then. I've followed paths as directed by my Goddess (who has since been revealed to me as The Cosmic Mother). There have been times when I was fully immersed in spirit, and others where I questioned my beliefs entirely. There was even a time when I felt abandoned by my Goddess, and so I abandoned Her in return. 

I have since come into my own again as a spiritual person. I’ve long dreamt of being a High Priestess, helping others to connect with the divine – in whatever form resonates most with them – and facilitating their process of uncovering the Divine Mysteries. 

With much deliberation, many tarot readings, deep self-reflection, and myriad meditations to contact my spirit guide and my Goddess, I realized that I can absolutely make my dream of being a High Priestess a reality. Even though my reality involves plenty of everyday, non-metaphysical elements – a cranky toddler, income taxes, the realities of life in modern America – this is who I am meant to be.  And so I started my business. 


You may notice that my tarot readings aren't the standard fare offered by most readers. That's because I am not most readers. My purpose in reading is to help catalyze, facilitate, and embolden your spiritual journey. As someone who has experienced her own spiritual roller coaster, I provide metaphysical advising, offer guidance and insight as you move along your path, and answer any questions that arise. I am tapped into the sacred mysteries, although I have yet to uncover them all - I mean, where would the fun be in that? 


I don't care what God(s) you believe in or don't believe in - ultimately, our souls all seek meaning wherever we can find it. The Universe has something to offer everyone, and I want to help anyone whose path resonates with mine. Pagan, Christian, Jew, Atheist - we're not that different, and a Divine spark glimmers in each of us. 


Blessed Be